Smart Glasses Advance Warehouse Productivity

Posted on: 2017-04-22 07:52:42

Smart glasses combine the functionality of voice picking, barcode scanners, and pick-to-light systems into one device.

(Boonton, NJ, June 26, 2014) — Google Glass promises a futuristic method of filtering the world through a computer screen. For warehouses, that technology might not be too far into the future.

Smart glasses maker Vuzix and enterprise software firm SAP are marketing an augmented reality offering designed for DCs. A video demonstration created by the two companies poses tantalizing possibilities.

In the video, a forklift operator sees and hears picking instructions through his smart glasses. He’s directed to pick a product in a specific aisle and row. As he nears the pick location, a green rectangle appears to highlight his destination.

When he picks the item, the built-in scanner verifies that the operator has the right package, then directs him to the next pick or the loading dock.


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